Experience Fine Art

Spright-Art is a gallery for contemporary visual art.

Started as a passion that got out of hand, Spright-Art is now developing into a platform for contemporary and modern art. Our "headquarters" and main gallery is on the ground floor of a large Jugendstil office building on the Wassenaarseweg 20 in The Hague in The Netherlands. We also arrange some of our exhibitions as a pop-up event in former office buildings that are temporarily vacant and are waiting for new owners or new construction. In this way we are assured of a professional appearance, large surfaces and an unconventional setting in which we can give our exhibitions a unique character. 

The work we exhibit consists of paintings, collages, ceramics, sculptures & photographs. Spright-Art currently represents more than twenty artists from the Netherlands, Malta, Spain, Italy, UK, Bulgaria, USA and China and we are still working to expand this in the coming months. "Our" artists have a good dose of international experience with a proven aesthetic and commercial - yes, let's go ahead and use that word - track record. Much of their work has already found its way to both public and private collections.