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Spright-Art is a gallery for contemporary visual art.

Started as a passion that got out of hand, Spright-Art is now developing into a platform for contemporary and modern art. Our "headquarters" and main gallery is on the ground floor of a large Jugendstil office building on the Wassenaarseweg 20 in The Hague in The Netherlands. We also arrange some of our exhibitions as a pop-up event in former office buildings that are temporarily vacant and are waiting for new owners or new construction. In this way we are assured of a professional appearance, large surfaces and an unconventional setting in which we can give our exhibitions a unique character. 

The work we exhibit consists of paintings, collages, ceramics, sculptures & photographs. Spright-Art currently represents more than twenty artists from the Netherlands, Malta, Spain, Italy, UK, Bulgaria, USA and China and we are still working to expand this in the coming months. "Our" artists have a good dose of international experience with a proven aesthetic and commercial - yes, let's go ahead and use that word - track record. Much of their work has already found its way to both public and private collections.

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Vanaf 1 september 2023



Van 1 - 30 september 2023

Van 1 tot 30 september zal Frances R haar unieke surfplanken tentoonstellen in het Glazen Paleis in Den Burg. De goed gebruikte planken gebruikt zij als canvas voor haar collages en metallic bewerkingen. Er geldt een speciale korting van 10% voor bezoekers die tijdens de expositie een werk willen aanschaffen. Daarnaast zal ze op vrijdag 1 september aanwezig zijn dus als je haar wil spreken, neem contact op via de knop hieronder!

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Are you interested in pieces by a certain artist? Spright-Art represents some of the best artists in the business, and we’re more than happy to share their work with you. Learn more about the artists we display and promote to other galleries and museums. Get in touch to speak with one of our representatives for more information.

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Mixed Media

Be Birza has definitely won his spurs over the years. With a track record of more than 50 years Be has become a national treasure in The Netherlands. He effortlessly succeeds in convincingly highlighting the expressiveness of 'poor art' years after the heyday of "Arte Povera". His kimono's have become signature works and we are thrilled to present some of them in our store!




Jeroen (Jerome) is the founder of Spright-Art. Besides working as gallery director, he also makes time for his own work as ceramicist. His work ranges from classic - often Japanese - forms with special hand made glazes to more experimental expressions. Check out our store if you’d like to find out about his available pieces.




A new artist in our roster, this visionary Spaniard often creates his work at high speed en plein air. From the onset, he has not stopped working and receiving awards. In the last two years alone, he has won more than thirty outdoor painting prizes in cities like Cadiz, Málaga and Granada. His black and white charcoal and acrylic paintings are wildly popular.



Mixed Media

Frances has produced some of our favourite contemporary collages. Working with a wide array of media, and constantly pushing boundaries, Frances  is known for the intricacy of her 100% paper collages as well as for the richness of her pop-art surfboards. Inspired by the mundane, her work could hardly be described as such.



Painting, Prints

The featured artist of one of last year’s larger exhibitions, Hayo Sol constantly wows the art world with fresh perspectives and an incredibly polished technique. His latest pieces take his work to a new and higher level in order to let us experience the full breadth of his art. There aren’t many pop-artists who can do what Hayo does.



Painting, Prints

Christa works and lives as an independent artist in southern Spain. Not only is she Inspired by the landscapes of Spain and Morocco, she also includes the materials she finds during her travels in her work. Before you know it her work will have drawn you into an elusive reality, part romantic reflections, part earthy sensations.

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NFT art

A new artist in our roster, this visionary has produced some provocative NFT pieces. Inspired by the masters of pop-art of the previous century Maarten has used A.I. in a way that ensures a random and thus artistic outcome to his works. A lot of time (and endless tweaking) was put in to the  customization of the text prompts to generate the works. The artist also applied a few restrictions to the generative process in order to ensure random (creative & artistic) output: no automatization, no seed photo of the subject was used to train the A.I. and evolving an already  generated work (to change or fine tune it) was also not "allowed".

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Send us a text message or email us for an appointment!

Mon - Fri: Appointments only (Covid measure)

Sat & Sun: Closed

Our gallery is spacious & we have taken all necessary precautions to minimise Covid. 

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"What is Art, monsieur, but Nature concentrated?"


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