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An art filled & (almost) carefree week in New York

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Although I had a bit of a premonition I didn't think my flight would be the second to last one out of New York before we all went into lock-down. Having arrived on the 5th of March, I was looking forward to a week filled with the new, provocative and (sometimes) safe in the world of contemporary art. Of course there was the shadow of the pandemic looming over everything - and I couldn't know then how things would explode a week or so afterwards - but I had decided not to let it get me down. So that's why I followed my usual inclination to look on the bright side! All in all it turned out to be a great week with lovely art, beautiful people, an improvised after party and a wonderful warm spring day at the end of it all (see picture of Central Park).

First off, was a visit to a great little Italian place in the Upper East Side called Bella Blu. A friend of mine had scouted it a day earlier and made a reservation not knowing the wining (great Brunello!) and dining was so good (and would set us back an amount I won't be revealing anytime soon) and the crowd so cozy and welcoming. Pocket sized Italian revelry!

The next few days were filled with visits to - among others - the Armory show, Art on paper & Independent New York and two hands full of art galleries (around West 20th street, Spring street, West Broadway and many more). In between all the walking (the whole week on foot!), talking and reading, I got to know some interesting and hilarious people. I even made it to a seriously grand beauty salon on E57th street where the work of the Dutch artist Hayo Sol decorates the walls (see photo)

Enjoy the pictures of a selection of the art works I saw during my visit. Most of them are from the Armory, Paper and Independent. Drop me a line of you want to know the name of an artist or the gallery that represents them.

Under: Audrey Hepburn painting by Hayo Sol in L'appartement Hair Boudoir NYC

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